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Arbeit Software becomes “Arbeit,” Celebrating New Brand and Direction

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Introducing the updated face, new name and exciting future of Arbeit!

Arbeit Software is now Arbeit, signifying a refreshed brand and exciting growth.

We got our start with a powerful broadcast dialer designed for the accounts receivables management industry.

We’ve since expanded our product offerings to include a TCPA Compliant Dialing Solution, the first to remove voicemail detection from the beginning of connected calls, and a Tier 1 VoIP Office Phone System. These product offerings have expanded our user base beyond debt collection agencies to industries like logistics, sales, and manufacturing.

“Arbeit is a customer-focused organization, building products that solve real pain points. Our new brand is a visual change that reflects the internal shift in mindset which has become our #1 priority.” – Alex Villafranca, Co-Founder and CEO

In the last four years, we’ve doubled in size and revenue, experiencing more than 300 percent growth since we were founded.  With more innovation on the way, we’ve grown far beyond our origins, leading to the new name: Arbeit.

Beyond a new look and name, we have a reinvigorated focus on building customer-focused products and remaining true to our fun, innovative, relentless, adaptable and energetic personality.

Arbeit emphasizes its products’ ability to reach consumers in a modern, friendly and less annoying way. We have spent years intentionally learning about the industry we serve and found that, in a changing call landscape, equipping your business with easy to use and powerful communication tools is more important than ever. The evolution of our brand represents a new era, not only in the industries we serve, but in the culture of our company.

Our new brand represents change. Arbeit is changing because the industry we serve is changing – and we are determined to never stop leading the way in innovation, transparency and personality.