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Arbeit Click Benefits

Integrate Seamlessly

Make more connections right away. The process of getting started is seamless, with virtually no downtime during or after setup. Our intuitive interface is easy to use and integrates seamlessly into other programs you're already utilizing.

Make More Connections

A three-second pause makes collection calls more obvious, giving your contacts ample opportunity to hang up. Arbeit Click removes the obstacle, allowing agents to connect live directly.

Stay TCPA Compliant

We blend the right amount of automation and humans to keep you compliant. With Arbeit Click, agents manually click each call to dial out, listen, decide if the call is a live human or voicemail, and decide whether to leave a voicemail message. It’s that simple.

Enhance Performance

Listen to live or previously recorded calls to coach and develop your agents more easily. Plus, analyze campaigns and call data for optimization with advanced search capabilities.

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Arbeit Click - TCPA compliant solution

The Features

This is not an auto-dialer. Decide how many numbers each agent can call out at once. Agents manually click each call to dial out, listen, decide if the call is a live human or voicemail, and decide whether to leave a voicemail message.

Arbeit Click - TCPA compliant solution
  • Custom Integration

    We integrate with any web-based CRM: Simplicity, Beam, SMAX, CollectionsMax, Interprose, Balto, and more. Don’t see your software listed? Contact us and we’ll work with your provider to determine if integration is possible.

  • Human Intervention

    Eliminate the three-second pause. Our three layers of human intervention allow agents to make more live connections each hour.

  • Call Overflowing

    You decide how many numbers each agent can call at once. If multiple contacts answer at the same time, the overflow calls will go to the next available agent.

  • Warm Transfers

    Provide a seamless over-the-phone experience for contacts with warm transfer capabilities.

  • Call Monitoring

    Optimize the performance of ongoing calling campaigns with live call monitoring, advanced search capabilities & reporting.

  • TCPA Compliant

    Stay TCPA compliant with the right blend of automation and humans.


One Year Term

Starting at $0.05/min
$ 50 /per month, per agent

Starting at $0.05/min


Starting at $0.05/min
$ 75 /per month, per agent

Starting at $0.05/min

One Year Term

Unlimited Minutes
$ 250 /per month, per agent

Unlimited Minutes


Unlimited Minutes
$ 275 /per month, per agent

Unlimited Minutes

Arbeit Click Plans Includes

  • Unlimited support
  • Free training
  • 6 months recording storage
  • Real-time analytics
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Call Blending

What Our customers Think

“Since we started using Arbeit Click, we’ve had clients come to us and ask, how are you collecting this much money compliantly with the amount of people you have? They think that we have a 35-person floor. We have half that, and we’re collecting the amount a 35-person floor would.”

When you hear a manager say, “Click is up,” our collectors literally run to their desk as fast as they can cause they know that’s where the money is going to come from that day. It’s almost like being back in school when the teacher says “it’s recess time.” Click is fun, and it’s productive and they know they’re going to make money off of it, so they run to do it.

Try Arbeit Click – It’s Easy to Get Started

Our responsive in-house support team makes getting started with Arbeit Click quick, easy, and virtually risk-free. We set everything up for you at no additional cost with little to no downtime and a seven-day free trial.

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