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5 Ways to Incentivize Your Collections Agents that Don’t Have to Do with Money

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Providing the right incentive to collection agents can make a big difference in profit. Working in a call center can be taxing, and a collection agency is no different. But a great culture can really increase the energy and productivity.

While commissions and bonuses are always a popular way to provide incentive, you can also motivate and enhance performance through non-monetary rewards and benefits. Here are five ways to incentivize your agents without using cash.

Public Praise

Everyone likes to be recognized when they do a good job. Making the praise public also makes it more meaningful as your staff is recognized in front of their peers. Giving public praise is not only motivating to the person you’re complimenting but can also encourage others to do better so they too can receive recognition.

When you spontaneously give public praise, it lets your employees know that you see the effort they are putting into helping your agency grow.

In fact, receiving praise can actually stimulate a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain called “dopamine.” You may have heard of it… it can be addicting! When the chemical is released, feelings of pleasure and pride are increased.

Find a way to incorporate a “Call Center Agent of the Month” in a public place. Take a minute where everyone listens as management gives a public compliment of an employee going the extra mile to accomplish a company goal.

Never Hesitating to Reward the Same Top Performers

If certain members of your staff repeatedly out-perform others, be sure to recognize their continuing good work so they stay motivated to keep excelling.

Your top performers deserve special recognition when they continue to perform above-par time after time, so you should not be afraid to give repeat praise.

While your company can also have team goals, rewarding the best employees will be recognized as a reward for someone who isn’t doing a good job can affect the team’s attitude.

Managers Taking Calls for an Hour

For top performers, giving them an extra break by taking their calls for an hour can be a great reward. They’ll enjoy the free time and a longer break.

Others will see this special treatment and become motivated to try to earn it.

A lot of employees get motivated by seeing their boss do their job. Not only is a good learning opportunity – We’ve discussed how role playing can be a great way to make your employees feel like you are on their team and willing to put in the work with them.

Providing an Extra Day off for Top Performers

Days off are a great reward, as everyone loves vacation time. Everyone on your staff will want to work to earn more time off as a reward for outperforming. Yes, this might cost your company some money in terms of productivity, but your employee must follow office procedures for scheduling the off days so you can also schedule another employee to fill that opening.

Peer Awards and Peer Recognition

Peer recognition can be gratifying and can make staff members feel especially proud about the contribution that they are making to the workplace. Provide opportunities for your staff to recognize each other when they go above-and-beyond in getting their job done. These recognition awards don’t have to be anything major, but it could just be handing someone a gold star for helping out with a task they couldn’t solve.

Providing non-monetary motivators can allow you to keep your staff excited without spending a fortune.

On top of that, making work easier with an efficient auto dialer software will also help with office culture. Contact Arbeit Software today to request a free demo of our automated dialer software solution.