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Call Labeling Mini Series, Part 7: How Internal Training Impacts Call Labeling

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In the last two episodes of our call blocking and labeling series, we covered two ways to address your mislabeled calls:

  1. Register your numbers with the third party organizations who assign risk ratings.
  2. Audit your online presence. What happens when you google your company name? What about your phone number? Put yourself in a consumer’s shoes when they are first introduced to your organization.

In this episode, we’ll be walking through the third way to improve the way your calls are labeled:

Audit what your agents are doing and saying in their interactions with consumers.

Your online presence requires you to be proactive about how you are being perceived, but there is no better time or place to make a good impression than during the call itself.

How Can Internal Training Help With Call Blocking And Labeling?

In previous episodes, we’ve shared the importance of call recordings for training. If you are not using call recordings for training, today is a great day to start.

As you listen, begin to pay attention to whether your collectors do the following:

  1. Identify your business at the start of the call
  2. Maintain professionalism during the call
  3. Make sure your IVR is set up to maintain professionalism

Your collectors are the first point of contact for consumers who, at the end of a call or voicemail, will decide whether or not to report your number as spam.

If there is anything about your messaging that is confusing, misleading, abrasive or hostile, the consumer will be much more likely to take action to report you.

Conversely, if your collectors are straightforward about who they are, what they do and why they are reaching out, your chances of being reported as spam decrease significantly.

If you are struggling with your calls being mislabeled or blocked, we encourage you to audit whether your operations are consumer centric.

Making a few small changes to your organizations practices can have a huge impact on the way your calls are labeled.

We work with our clients on this often and are always happy to talk more about how to solve this problem. Use the link below to schedule time if you’re looking for more guidance!