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Can I Use a Broadcast Dialer and Still be TCPA Compliant?

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Okay, okay – of course you’re worried about TCPA compliance. I want to make it clear, however, a broadcast dialer is still legal to use under MANY circumstances.

If you are only using a manual dial or predictive dialer solution, you are doing it wrong! You wouldn’t drive 35 MPH in a 55 just because the speed limit is 35 somewhere else, Right? Did I lose you? No? Okay good.

Now what I’m NOT saying is that manual or predictive dialers are bad. They serve a useful purpose. BUT, you should also run an unattended broadcast dialer! Let me explain why.

First, sort out the cell phones you don’t have permission to call. Then, put those on a manual click-to-call solution like Arbeit Click . It’s not a dialer, so you’re safe. Take the remaining numbers, load them into Arbeit Dialer and press play.

Now, your agents can be on Arbeit Click calling cell phones without violating TCPA compliance guidelines, and at the same time, you can be running a completely unattended dialer, on a completely separate system.

Sit back and watch the callbacks flood in!

Don’t lose productivity because of silly outdated laws! You can still follow the law, just be a little creative—your office won’t miss a beat.

The innovative nerds at Arbeit Software have built the better dialer. Take it for a free test run today and see how easy it is to make more connections—with less downtime.