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Call Labeling Mini Series, Part 2: How are Risk Ratings Generated?

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In Part 1 of our call blocking and labeling series, Alex explained how risk ratings impact call blocking and labeling.

Carriers work with third party organizations to assign risk ratings to calls. These risk ratings determine how your calls are labeled.

Since they have such a massive impact on how your calls are labeled, you’re probably wondering how these risk ratings are generated.

The exact “formula” for generating risk ratings is kept under wraps by these third party organizations, so that actual scammers can’t work around it.

However, after numerous conversations with these third party organizations, we’ve learned two main factors that are used to generate risk ratings.

Our CEO Alex explains them below – watch or read to understand risk ratings and how they impact call blocking and labeling.

How are Risk Ratings Generated?

Even though every third party organization has their own secret “recipe” for assigning risk ratings, we’ve still learned that is mostly boils down to two main factors:

  1. Analytics
  2. Crowdsourced reporting

It’s that simple – but this is also where it can start to get complicated. Some examples of analytics include:

  • How many phone calls you are making, compared to how many you used to make
  • Duration of your phone calls
  • Volume of calls compared to duration of calls

Also included in the analytics is how many consumers are “reporting” your number.

Consumers have the ability to report your number as “spam” or “not spam.”

The more consumers that report your number as spam, the higher your risk rating goes. The higher your risk rating, the more likely your call is to be labeled or blocked.

If you are a legitimate business and want to protect your calls from being mislabeled, stay tuned. In future episodes, we’ll be addressing how to fix mislabeled calls and protect them from being mislabeled in the first place.

In the meantime, you can always schedule a time to learn more about how we can help our clients overcome their call blocking and labeling challenges.