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How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

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Ringless Voicemail is becoming more and more popular with collection agencies and telemarketers. What is ringless voicemail you ask? It is the practice of dropping a voicemail directly into a person’s inbox without actually ringing their phone.

There are two ways that ringless voicemail can happen. The first way is by dialing the same number twice simultaneously. When you call two numbers at the same time, one number receives a voicemail and the other number gets disconnected. However, there is a small chance that you will leave a missed call. The second way is by calling a number provided by a carrier to gain access to voicemail. Agencies call the number provided and then dial directly to the consumer’s voice mail. Carriers often attempt to make these numbers secretive so agencies are not able to find and use them to call people.

What do agencies think of Ringless Voicemail?

For collection agencies, there are many advantages to using ringless voicemail. One huge benefit to ringless voicemail is that it doesn’t violate the TCPA because no real calls are actually being made. Agencies can get their messages to customers using a predictive dialer without the risk of being hit with a TCPA lawsuit. Another major benefit that agencies enjoy with ringless voicemail is the ability to get their messages to customers with ease. Using ringless voicemail allows agencies the ability to get their message to customers without having to call them. They can go directly to voicemail, leave the message and move on to another client.

The downside of using ringless voicemail for agencies is the price. This practice of dropping voicemails is very expensive. Although the prices may vary for different reasons, typically it will cost around 10 cents per drop.

What do consumers think of Ringless Voicemail?

Many consumers are not happy with the growing use of ringless voicemail. Many people believe it is an invasion of privacy issue. Most feel as though these agencies should not have the right to drop a message directly into their voicemail without them actually receiving a call.

What does Arbeit Software think of Ringless Voicemail?

Here at Arbeit, we do not believe ringless voicemail is compliant. We strongly believe that although it is not violating the TCPA at the moment, it will be soon. The FCC is already looking into the legalities of ringless voicemail. Read this FCC article from insideARM to learn more about the FCC’s actions. When text messaging became a thing, using ringless voicemail did not violate the TCPA because it was not a call. However, the TCPA then changed the law to include text messaging. We believe the same thing will happen with ringless voicemail. The TCPA will change its laws to include ringless voicemail as violating the TCPA, even though using ringless voicemail isn’t considered calling a person.

At Arbeit, we make it our mission to abide by the rules and regulations of the TCPA. We want to give you the best product to meet and exceed your goals. We want you to succeed in your business and our products will help further your succession. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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