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Call Labeling Mini Series, Part 5: How to Register Your Numbers

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In Part 4 of our call blocking and labeling series, we covered the three ways to address your mislabeled calls:

  1. Register your numbers with the third party organizations who assign risk ratings.
  2. Audit your online presence. What happens when you google your company name? What about your phone number? Put yourself in a consumer’s shoes when they are first introduced to your organization.
  3. Audit what your agents are doing and saying in their interactions with consumers. How often are they calling, and would their call script sound confusing to someone who knows nothing about your business?

At a high level, these methods will improve your calls performance, and enhance the experience of the consumer.

Here, we’ll break down how to register your numbers with the third party organizations who assign risk ratings.

This will ensure that the third party organizations, and in turn, carriers, recognize you as a legitimate business. Watch or read where to start below!

How Do I Register My Numbers with Risk Rating Providers?

Registering your numbers is a way for you to notify third party organizations that you are a legitimate business, not scam, and not to label you as such.

This will help you improve callbacks right away, but it is not a silver bullet solution to call blocking and labeling.

If enough consumers still report you based on the content of your calls or online presence, it won’t matter that your numbers are registered – you may still be mislabeled.

It can be an expensive undertaking to register your numbers; some services are free and others are costly. We will include links below if you would like to explore how to do this yourself.

Because these third party organizations are the ultimate decider of how your call is labeled, it’s important to work with them as a first step to show you are a legitimate business. Right now, businesses can do this by registering their numbers.

In the next episodes, we’ll share how your online presence and the content of your calls play a huge role in call labeling.

Helpful Links for Registering Your Numbers

NumeracleEntity Identity Management™ service that will register your numbers for you, not just with third party organizations but also with independent third party apps

Call Transparency – Self service number registry

TNS, First Orion, Hiya – The main third party organizations that assign risk ratings to carriers

If you are a client of ours, we can help you with this process. Click the link below to learn more.