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Advanced Capital Solutions

North Canton, OH

How One Debt Collection Agency Doubled Amounts Collected While Maintaining TCPA Compliance? With Arbeit’s TCPA compliant click to call solution, collectors at Advanced Capital Solutions were able to double their amounts on a per collector basis.

The Results:

141% Increased on Revenue
44% Decreased on Overhead


Debt Collection
Accounts Receivable
Financial Services

Tools Used

Arbeit’s TCPA Compliance, Click to Call Solution

Their Needs & Our Solutions

For Debt Collection Agencies, balancing productivity & TCPA compliance can be especially challenging.

Because of this, choosing the fastest or most cost effective dialing software is not always the optimal solution.

With a 35-person floor of collectors Advanced Capital Solutions wanted to find a way to collect more without increasing overhead costs or having to hire more collectors.

Additionally, staying compliant was another point of concern.


  • Custom Call Dispositions

    When an agency gets a new file that’s been fully skipped and back from batching, it’s expected that they may not touch all the numbers on that file. They may even spend a lot of time on a number that will never yield a payment. Many of the numbers are disconnected, go straight to voicemail, or simply wrong.

    Advanced Capital Solutions used Click to develop a solution for this time waster.  They run new call list files through Arbeit Click. Then, they use Click’s custom dispositions to create a “Good Numbers” status.

    An example of a good number would be one that ID’d the person the collector was looking for on the voicemail.

  • Added Layer of Human Intervention

    Because of Click’s second layer of human intervention, collectors act as voicemail detection – and they ARE smarter than the robots that normally do it. Therefore, agents at Advanced Capital Solutions were able to label good numbers with 100 percent accuracy.

    Once that’s done, collectors have a list of only “good numbers” to call. They find it more efficient than continuing to run numbers they get no answer on over and over again.

  • No More 3-Second Pause

    Arbeit Click allows agents to make 250 TCPA compliant calls per hour, per agent. It is the first product to remove the 3 second pause from the beginning of dials – an earmark of an ATDS and likely to land you a lawsuit.

  • Arbeit Click Enables Agents to Collect More With Less Overhead

    It’s more than just a way to clean up accounts. In fact, according to data from just one batch of numbers, Advanced Capital Solutions was able to eliminate 90 percent of numbers that were “dead”, meaning disconnected, incorrect or unanswered. Agents no longer had to waste time dialing those dead numbers.

    With the strategy enabled by Arbeit Click, Advanced Capital Solutions reduced their overhead by 44% and increased profit by 141%.


    “When you hear a manager say, ‘Click is up,’ our agents literally run to their desk as fast as they can because they know that’s where the money is going to come from that day. It’s almost like being back in school when the teacher says ‘it’s recess time.’ Click is fun, and it’s productive and they know they’re going to make money off of it, so they run to do it.”

    – Paul Sims, Managing Partner at Advanced Capital Solutions

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