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American Collections Enterprise

Alexandria, VA

How One Agency Improved Productivity & TCPA Compliance With a Technology Upgrade? Using Arbeit’s TCPA compliant dialer, American Collections Enterprise, Inc. was able to automate its outbound calling strategy without sacrificing TCPA compliance.

The Results:

Improved Agent Productivity & Compliance


Debt Collection

Tools Used

Arbeit’s TCPA Compliance Dialer

Their Needs & Our Solutions

Efficiency is a top priority for debt collection agencies. When collectors are stuck manually dialing each call though, more time is wasted dealing with human errors and other tasks that ultimately could be automated with updated technology.

Patrick McNemar, President of American Collections Enterprise, shares how when he first learned about the efficiency & compliance of Arbeit Click, it really did seem too good to be true. Fortunately the results his agency experienced after switching proved that Arbeit Click was the real deal.

With a floor of 10 agents, Patrick’s primary goal was to find a vendor that used quality technology. He wanted a solution that could improve productivity at his agency without needing to hire more collectors.

Additionally, vendor flexibility was another point of concern. Patrick wanted to find a company with flexible support and solutions that could fill the specific needs of his agency.


  • Quick Implementation

    Patrick described the process of upgrading from manual dialing to Arbeit Click as a pleasant experience. Specifically, he was happy with how quick the implementation process was.

    “I can’t imagine changing vendors,” Patrick says. “I see this as a very permanent partnership.”

  • Easy to Use Interface

    Before American Collections Enterprise, Inc. switched to Arbeit Click, they were manually dialing.

    “The idea that we could upload a data file and all the agent has to do is click a couple numbers, and we could launch all these calls and it would route back through, it seemed almost too good to be true.”

    Patrick and his team immediately loved how user friendly and easy to use the Click interface is.
    “Our agents just click on these numbers and they get dialed.”
  • TCPA Compliance

    Even the compliance team at American Collections Enterprise, Inc. was fully on board after seeing Arbeit Click in action.

    Patrick also pointed out that his agents appreciate the accuracy of Click – they no longer need to worry about accidentally mis-typing a phone number.
    With Arbeit Click, Patrick and his agents have peace of mind that their dramatic increase in calls do not put them at risk for a lawsuit.
  • Agencies Make More Compliant Calls in Less Time With Arbeit Click

    Because Arbeit Click replaced manual dialing for the collectors at American Collections Enterprise, agent productivity improved dramatically without putting the agency at a higher risk for lawsuits.

    “I know for a fact that it has increased our productivity dramatically,” Patrick says.

    Patrick highly recommends  that other debt collection agencies to try out Arbeit Click. “I love the ability to take a very manual task and automate it,” he says.
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