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Allegiant Capital Recovery

Buffalo, NY

How One Collection Agency Compliantly Maximized Productivity? With Arbeit’s TCPA compliant dialer & VoIP calling solution, Allegiant Capital Recovery Services’ eight collectors were able to sweep through thousands of accounts per day.

The Results:

Compliantly Swept Through Thousands of Accounts Per Day Without Hiring Additional Collectors


Debt Collection

Tools Used

Arbeit’s TCPA Compliant Dialer &
VoIP Calling Solution

Their Needs & Our Solutions

For debt collection agencies, maintaining TCPA compliance can be daunting due to an overwhelming and ever-changing set of regulations.

Phone system outages and dropped calls are another concern, as they negatively impact amounts collected.

This is why it is so important for collection agencies to choose a reliable phone system & productive dialer that is TCPA compliant.

With a floor of only eight collectors, Allegiant Capital Recovery services wanted a productive dialer & reliable phone system from a reputable provider in the debt collection industry.

Additionally, they didn’t want lawsuits to be “just another cost of doing business.” Rather, they were looking for a communications system that would facilitate pleasant interactions with consumers.


  • Reliable VoIP Provider

    Prior to signing on with us, Allegiant Capital Recovery Services was using a phone service that was not only unreliable, but had limited access to customer support.

    When they started using Arbeit Voice, they were able to completely eliminate dropped calls and phone system outages.

    Without the interruptions of lost service, their productivity only came to a halt when they decided it should.

  • TCPA Compliant Dialing

    Without the right software, it’s difficult to circumnavigate TCPA regulations without sacrificing productivity. Many agencies throw up their hands and decide that the lawsuits are a necessary evil if they want to make any kind of profit.

    Arbeit Click’s three layers of human intervention and remoal of the incriminating three-second pause enabled Allegiant Capital Recovery Services to effortlessly stay lawsuit-free.

  • Integrating Click & Voice Maximizes Productivity, Profitability & Compliance

    Using Arbeit Click, Allegiant Capital Recovery Services is able to sweep through thousands of accounts per day with a floor of only eight agents. Click enables the filtering out of dead numbers and unlikely payers so collectors can focus on accounts that will yield the most profit.

    Combined with Voice and Arbeit’s dedicated in-house support team, outages and dropped calls are non-existent and support is always ready to assist if needed. 

    Arbeit Click & Arbeit Voice – reliable VoIP service and dialer software working together in perfect harmony for optimal productivity & profitability.

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