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Conyers, GA

How One Agency Found Better Phone Service, Support & Features at 75% of the Cost? With Arbeit as their cloud-based phone service provider, Carter Young saved more than 75% on their monthly phone bill while receiving better support, service & features than they had with their previous provider.

The Results:

More Than 75% Savings on Monthly Phone Bill


Debt Collection

Tools Used

Arbeit’s Reliable VoIP Phone Service

Their Needs & Our Solutions

Debt collection agencies face a unique set of challenges and therefore have very specific needs. Between maintaining compliance and navigating ever-changing regulations that make it difficult to reach debtors, collection agencies have a lot on their plate.

The last thing any agency wants or needs is to overpay for poor phone service, a foundational part of how they generate revenue and collect on debts owed. Phone service should be the one thing agency owners DON’T need to stress about, because it’s already hard enough to reach consumers in the present landscape.

The situation of Carter-Young, a debt collection agency established in 2001 with a floor of 35 collectors, doesn’t stray far from the overall experience within the industry.

They were finally fed up with overpaying for poor phone service, and made the decision to seek out other providers. Their objectives? Savings & quality service were part of what they were looking for, but more importantly they wanted to find a provider that could show they understood industry problems and met the specific needs of debt collection agencies.

Surprisingly, finding a phone service provider that met their criteria was pretty challenging, but only until they ultimately found Arbeit.


  • Able to Answer the Tough Questions

    General Manager Michael Jeselnik was cautious about choosing a new provider so he asked a lot of tough questions, but Arbeit was able to give him the detailed answers he was looking for.

    Before finding Arbeit, he had been evaluating around nine different phone providers and even considered putting in the work to build his own phone system. Thankfully, he realized that Arbeit was the optimal solution for Carter-Young.

  • Smooth & Efficient Setup Process

    Due to poor experiences with past phone service providers, Michael had concerns about the setup process when switching to a new phone provider. Ultimately, his biggest fear was being without phone numbers to use in the event that things didn’t go as planned when switching over.

    He was surprised at how well Arbeit was able to address his concerns so that he could feel confident about the switch.

    A plan had been put in place and communicated to Michael by Arbeit in the event that things didn’t go as planned. Backup numbers were ready to go in case Carter-Young’s existing phone numbers didn’t switch over properly, which luckily didn’t end up coming to fruition.

    Additionally, Michael was shocked at how efficient the entire setup process was. “I think we only had about twenty minutes of downtime during the switchover,” he says. Overall, he viewed the onboarding process as simple because there was not much that had to be done on his end.

    “I picked a date, sent over a document, and you guys just turned around lickity-split and we were rockin’ and rollin’.”

    The best part was he didn’t have to pay ten thousand dollars like some providers were asking for. With Arbeit, the initial setup is done at no additional charge for agencies with five or more extensions.

  • Exceptional Support

    There was only one hiccup that Michael could remember regarding implementation. There was some confusion about if Arbeit Voice would be able to work with their collection software for click to dial functionality.

    As soon as Michael expressed his concerns, the Arbeit support team went the extra mile by reaching out to the collection software vendor, and working with them to determine a way of incorporating the functionality. Ultimately, they determined that Arbeit Voice would be able to integrate with the collection software.

    He also likes that he gets to speak to an actual human when he has a concern. “I like being able to pick up the phone and say hello to a human being. That’s really nice.”

  • Affordable Monthly Phone Bill

    Carter-Young had been looking to reduce their monthly phone bill, but they never thought they’d end up saving THAT much – over seventy-five percent.

    There isn’t much to explain because the numbers say it all. With their previous provider, Carter-Young was billed between $3,200 and $3,500 on their monthly phone bill because they incurred additional charges for the features they needed. After switching to Arbeit, their phone bill was cut by over seventy-five percent.

    And with that reduction in price, Michael didn’t have to give up the features his business needed. With Arbeit Voice there were zero additional charges – every feature he needed was included. As explained by Michael, the features and price of Arbeit Voice make perfect sense for any small to mid-size business or collection agency.

  • Intuitive Interface

    After the initial setup, learning how to use Arbeit Voice was fairly straightforward. One of Michael’s and his collectors’ favorite features is the ease of use – everything is easily accessible.

    “When I type in a telephone number to see when did we call or receive a call from this number, I’m confident that when I type that number in I’m going to get accurate results.”

    As surprising as it may seem, this was not something Carter-Young had with their previous phone provider and it was incredibly frustrating. The previous system they were using had all the bells and whistles when it came to features, but finding and actually understanding how to use those features was difficult. As Michael describes, the system’s features just didn’t seem to “talk to each other.”

    For example, he’d have to access call logs and recordings from a separate location using a different set of credentials, because when he’d change his password in one location, it wouldn’t automatically update in the other.

    It sounds like a small problem to have, but over time it gets pretty annoying as you can imagine. And because the overall system was difficult to use, Michael had concerns that the results he’d obtain from using various search features would be inaccurate or unreliable. With Arbeit Voice, he no longer experiences ANY of these issues or concerns.

  • Arbeit Voice Saves Time & Money So You Can Grow Your Agency

    Carter-Young dealt with frequent service drops and outages, sub-par customer service, and hefty phone bills before switching to Arbeit Voice. Spending forty-five minutes on hold just to be told “I’m going to create a ticket and then get back to you” was a common occurrence. For paying top dollar, they weren’t getting much in return.

    Once they switched to Arbeit Voice all of their major pain points – high cost, poor customer service, and unreliable phone service – were resolved. “I can’t recall any downtime with Arbeit,” Michael says. The cost is unbeatable and it has everything his collection agency needs.

    “Now I can take the money and aggravation I’m not spending and put it towards other things to advance the business,” Michael says.

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