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Speed Global Services

Buffalo, NY

How One Logistics Company Unified Communication & Reduced Costs? With Arbeit’s multi-line VoIP phone and responsive support team, Speed Global Services was able to reduce their annual phone bill by 50%.

The Results:

50% Reduced on Phone Bill



Tools Used

Arbeit’s Multi-Line VoIP Phone &
Responsive Support

Their Needs & Our Solutions

For logistics companies, responsiveness is highly important. 

Jerry Hoff explains how Speed Global Services and other logistics companies are often in “fire-fighting mode.” In this kind of fast-paced environment with immediate timelines, a reliable phone system that can keep up is necessary.

With 60 extensions & 150 employees in total, Speed’s use of multiple phone systems resulted in inefficiencies when transferring calls to other buildings, an inability to access voicemails on mobile, and a lengthy process for getting a new number or fax line.

The IT department at speed pushed for a switch to VoIP and leadership began reaching out to multiple software companies. The transition to VoIP was a point of concern, but also necessary.

“You can’t just jump into a new phone system without having things ready,” says Jerry.

Because of concerns about the process of transitioning to a consolidated multi-line VoIP phone system, choosing a reputable company with a responsive support team was a priority. In Jerry’s opinion, an excellent end product or software means nothing without a good support system.

“Realistically, if I can’t either pick up a phone or email someone to help me, then what’s the point? I could manage it myself, but if you’re going to go through a different company you want a good support system.”


  • Responsive Support Team

    With Arbeit, there has never been a drop off in the quality of support, from the initial call to the present day. Jerry was able to hand off technical support to Arbeit and it was handled efficiently. From identifying problems to routing issues, to final execution, the process was smooth. 

    Now that the multi-line VoIP phone system is in place, Speed appreciates how easy it is to add a new number or fax line. From start to finish, these requests are handled the same day. Previously, these kinds of tasks would take a week. With that came peace of mind and efficiency.

    “When I request things, I know it’s gonna get done and it’s off my plate. It opens up my plate to help other people with what they need to get done.”

  • Financial Benefits

    In addition to added productivity, there were financial benefits as well. When all was said and done, we saved them more than 50% off their annual phone bill. 

    With their previous system, they had been overspending for what they were getting. They were paying for services from several different companies which created internal communication inefficiencies.

    “With our old PBX system, something goes down and we don’t know if it’s on our side.”

    After switching to Arbeit, they’re now able to have unified communication and an overall simpler internal system at half the cost.

  • Ability to Send Voicemail Files via E-Mail

    With Speed’s previous system, employees would be notified when they had a new voicemail, but they’d have to head back to the office to be able to listen to it. With Arbeit’s multi-line VoIP phone system, they now have the ability to listen to voicemails via email on their mobile phone.  

    “It makes things so much easier to be a little more mobile. That’s a big feature for me.”

  • Call Groups, Call Forwarding & Efficient Transfers

    “We wanted a ring group that made sense.

    Because Speed had multiple systems in use throughout the business, holds and transfers were complicated. Parking the call and letting someone else pick up was causing problems.

    With the call group feature on Arbeit’s VoIP phone system, they now know that the call is going to go to more than one person.

    “Even a quick transfer now is a lot more efficient.”

    Additionally, speed finds the PA system capabilities, stable uptime, and device integration to be useful for their team.

  • Arbeit Voice Unifies Communication in Logistics

    Speed was able to transition from using multiple phone systems to one unified communication system while reducing spending by 50%.

    Voice is a great fit for logistics companies because of how responsive the industry must be.

    Immediate timelines often put pressure on a phone system to be reliable. Voice holds up to pressure, and then some. 

    Knowing that a request will be taken care of immediately takes the pressure off internal IT teams to take care of their already full workload.

    When you choose Arbeit Voice, we support your business so that you can focus your attention on growing, running and developing it.

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